Featured Artist--Hannah Cheng

I've been doing art for as long as I can remember. In the beginning, I loved drawing things that I saw around me and experimenting with different materials and subjects. As time grew on, I found a particular interest with faces, more specifically, eyes, as they have the ability to tell stories on their own. This led to the creation of the two AP portfolios I submitted in my junior year. Both themes were based on self-growth and discovery, and my main subjects were ambiguous figures with a high focus on the eye. My junior year was certainly a huge stepping stone in terms of my technical and creative artistic skills. Due to the huge volume of work I was required to create for my AP portfolios, I developed a strong sense of congruence among my work which before was difficult to find.


My time at Mitty was a big journey for my artwork. As you look through the gallery, you will see how my artwork has changed throughout the years to become more personal and meaningful. I am very thankful to Mitty and my teachers for guiding me along my artistic journey, and I am very excited to study Animation and Illustration at San Jose State this coming fall.

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